Payments and Refunds

Thank you for choosing One Hosting Solution as your website hosting provider! At One Hosting, we strive to have our customers achieve 100% satisfaction with our products and services, and we will do everything that is possible to have you completely satisfied with the results we will achieve for you and your company or business.

Payments for website hosting services, e-mail hosting and SSL certificates are made in the beginning of the hosting cycle of 1 year, or prior to that date if the customer is already hosting their website and online services with us and just needs to renew. If a hosting renewal payment is made before the starting of the hosting cycle of one year, and the customer changes its mind and decides to either close their site or move it somewhere else, all amounts paid for hosting in advance shall be refunded 100% using the same credit card use for the renewal, no questions asked. If the customer decides to close the account 1 day after the new hosting cycle began, the hosting fees, including SSL, are non-refundable.

New accounts are opened as soon as the credit card submitted duringt he sign-ip process is approved. Cancellations are only allowed before you receive your account details. If you have already received your account details and the domain is connected to the account, you will not be able to cancel the service anymore and will be engaged for 1 year of the services.

Current customers must pay for the renewal fees prior to their due date. If customers don’t submit payment by the due date indicated on your e-mail, services will be suspended. Accounts will be removed from the server within 5 business days after the suspension.

Current customers that elected that their payment information to be stored for future renewals, will be charged automatically 30 days before the due date and will be notified by e-mail of the renewal. If the card is not approved, we will notify the customer to replace their card on the system, so payment can be processed timely. If customer fails to respond and does not submit new card information by the due date, services will be suspended.

Payment Methods

All our credit card payments are processed via Square. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Card info is collected on the website securely and then processed on Square. As soon as the payment goes through, the new account opening process begins.

Refunds will be typically provided in the same manner that the original payment was made, unless there’s any issues with the original payment form, in that case, customers are contacted so they can pick a different way to receive their refunds.

If you have any questions about our payment and refund policy, please contact us to get in touch!

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